The Ubiquitous Harappan Satellite Dish

Closed-minded, unscientific, neo-colonialist scholars who refuse to accept the veracity of N. S. Rajaram’s “horse seals” (of which we now have two clear examples) or K. D. Sethna’s “Harappan chariots” (whose supposed “wheels” are usually oval or oval/pointy) certainly cannot dispute the clear pictorial proof that the ancient wisemen knew of modern satellite dishes! Dr. Rajaram and…

Is Sethna’s Chariot Pulled by Rajaram’s Horse?

© S.A. Farmer 2000 Go to lecture and article downloads Is K. D. Sethna’s famous ‘man on a chariot’ yoked to one of Rajaram’s imaginary Harappan horses? Check out the evidence for yourself! K. D. Sethna’s The Problem of Aryan Origins, which is much cited by Indian nationalists, talks a lot about Harappan ‘six-spoked wheels.’ S….