The Ubiquitous Harappan Satellite Dish

Closed-minded, unscientific, neo-colonialist scholars who refuse to accept the veracity of N. S. Rajaram’s “horse seals” (of which we now have two clear examples) or K. D. Sethna’s “Harappan chariots” (whose supposed “wheels” are usually oval or oval/pointy) certainly cannot dispute the clear pictorial proof that the ancient wisemen knew of modern satellite dishes!

Dr. Rajaram and others have claimed — on solid scientific evidence — that the Harappans had occult knowledge of modern physics, including black holes and relativity theory. Rajaram has also shown that the Rgveda reveals that cosmic rays hit the earth with unfailing regularity three times daily, coinciding miraculously with thrice-daily Vedic sacrifices. (For evidence, see Rajaram’s review of a recent book on “Vedic Science.”) What Rajaram hasn’t revealed to date (an occult secret?) is the precise means used by the Rsi wisemen to detect these divine signals from outer space.

The secret can now be revealed, using evidence even stronger than the evidence demonstrating that Sethna’s chariots were pulled by Rajaram’s horses.

The Harappan Satellite-Dish Sign shown below is, in fact, one of the most common of Harappan symbols. The instance shown here is from a detail in Parpola M-53 a.

Discovery of the Harappan Satellite-Dish Sign opens exciting new avenues of research for Hindutva “revisionist” historians. Were these dishes, in fact, used to detect Rajaram’s thrice-daily cosmic ray blasts? Or were they used to relay to the Harappan-man-on-the-street the earliest televised version of the Mahabharata epic, reported live from the Indus Valley in the fourth millennium BCE (when Rajaram and his supporters tell us that the war took place)?

Rajaram’s testimony obviously carries weight, as witnessed by the fact that his books (and Sethna’s) rank high up on the recommended reading list of the BJP (three of his books are on their most recent list). If you don’t know about the BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) — the powerful Hindu nationalist party in India — check out the official BJP history at their website.

The Ubiquitous Harappan Satellite-Dish Sign

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