Syncretism in the West : Errata

S. A. [Steve] Farmer, Syncretism in the West: Pico’s 900 Theses (1486): The Evolution of Traditional Religious and Philosophical Systems (Tempe, Arizona: MRTS, 1998).


1. In the epitaph on p. vii, “John” is inadvertently omitted from the name “John Archibald Wheeler.”

Philological reconstruction of this magnitude, however, is best undertaken by a number of researchers working together.

2. On p. xv, the word “best” was omitted from the sentence on lines 12-14. The sentence should read:

3. In note 50, on p. 18, “ad” is found instead of “de” in the famous mistitle, Oratio de hominis dignitate. The corruption arose from a cut-and-paste error involving the title Oratio ad laudes philosophiae, found two lines later.

4. On page 159, line 8, “nonnihil” should replace “nonnulla” (see the correct Latin text that is provided in the note on that page).

5. A superfluous “that” appears on page 164 note 92. In the second paragraph on that page, the opening quotation mark in front of the word “My” belongs in front of the exclamation “O” at the end of the paragraph.

6. In note 16, on p. 188, the phrase “per satyram” from Pico’s first preface to the 900 theses is given incorrectly twice. (For the correct wording in context, see Pico’s original text on p. 211.)

7. The sense of note 17 on p.188 is distorted due to a cut-and-paste error. The corrupt phrase “numerus piano equilatero” in the note should read “numerus linearis.” The correct Latin is also given in the following edition of Pico’s text.

8. On page 190, line 2, replace “worse” with “worst.”

9. On page 192, line7, the examples in parentheses should read “(as in 3>38 or 5>26, etc.).”

10. On page 486, note, line 8, “Zoroastris” should read “Zoroaster.”

11. On page 154, Gianfrancesco Pico is said to be nine years younger than Giovanni Pico. The correct figure is six or seven years.

12. On p. 352, thesis 28.19, typo in the Latin text: the first word should be “Eadem”.

13. There are a few other minor typos that do not affect the sense of the text (e.g. on p. 70, line 3, which gives the wrong footnote number). Hopefully, these will be corrected in any future printings.

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